Article Marketing Robot – A Review of Article Marketing Robot

Those new to internet marketing quickly come to the realization that writing articles and submitting articles isn’t just a good idea it’s mandatory. Not only do you need to write these articles you’ll need to rewrite them to some degree when submitting to different article directories. Sounds like a lot of work and it is. But anyone who tells you that internet marketing is easy was just plain telling you wrong.

Article submitting and spinning software can automate this process. There are many to choose from, lets take a look at Article Marketing Robot.

It is described as The Ultimate Article Marketing, Spinning and Submission Tool – EVER, their words, not mine.

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Before moving on lets talk about why article marketing is so important. Articles supply you with backlinks. Backlinks are important to make your site more popular. The more popular your site is the higher it gets ranked in the search pages. Think of your articles as salesman for your site. Someone searching for dog potty training advice types that long tail keyword into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. When the search results appear they spot your article. Your article has good relevant content that they like and they see the link to your website at the end of the article. Congratulations, your salesman (article) just introduced a potential customer to your dog potty training website.

Here are some key features of Article Marketng Robot.

Submitting your profile to the many article directories. There are literally hundreds of places for you to submit your articles. You can imagine that signing up to each place one at a time might take….close to forever. Article Marketing Robot automates this step for you.

Spinning your articles. Some say duplicate content will get you penalized, others say it won’t but your duplicate content may not get counted. However almost all agree it’s a good idea to change your articles up at lease some prior to submitting them. Article Marketing Robot automates this step also with an intelligent spinner.

Schedule your article to “dripfeed” or be “blasted” all at once, whatever you prefer. Most agree that a big article blast can appear as spam and that the “dripfeed” method is preferred. For example you could schedule your article to be submitted to 5 directories a day for 20 days.  Article Marketing Robot allows you to do that.

What does it cost? It’s a one time $97 purchase and because it’s sold through Clickbank you can benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee.

What’s the word on the street about this product. Most of the reviews are positive. Some are saying that only 65% to 80% of the articles are finding their destination. However take into consideration they were talking about submitting to 1000 sites give or take a few, so your articles are still getting well distributed.

For a one time price and a software that does both the spinning and submitting it sounds like people are liking this product.

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