Confessions of an Email Junkie

While most people hate getting anything extra in their inbox I usually sign up for any mailing list I can find as it relates to internet marketing or network marketing.

I am always amazed by all the new and creative products and services that are being offered daily. Not to mention I enjoy seeing how everyone is doing their copy writing. The email subject lines run the gamut from downright dull to ones the really grab your attention to ones that even make you laugh. 

It’s also interesting to see the trends come an go. For a while the MLM scene was all about energy drinks, then travel companies were a big thing. Then everyones attention seemed to shift to gold and silver. It’s hard to keep up at times.

The internet marketing crowd is no different when it comes to variety and trends. For a while every product launch seemed to be big money launches on how to do affiliate marketing. Info marketing also had a big spike in interest not long ago. As soon as that happened someone got the bright idea that physical product marketing was the way to go. There were even product launches on how to do product launches. And launches on how to do effective webinars. Then the push button no work involved systems started showing up, each one making more ridiculous claims then the last. Along came the truth in advertising guys saying the push button theory is nothing more than a gimmick, follow me and I’ll show you solid marketing strategies that work.

For those getting into internet or network marketing the choice of which field to focus on can be really confusing. I mean, really, who should you listen to. Do you want to join an MLM or be an affiliate marketer, or do you prefer high ticket direct sales? The experts from each field all make very compelling cases for their way of life. It’s easy to get caught in a trap of doing nothing but buying the next shiny new thing that comes up to bat that particular day.

Most of the successful people utilize multiple streams of income to create wealth.

So what should you do to get started? Great question and one that’ not easily answered. You have to ask yourself a few things. What is my current financial status? Do I work well with other people? Am I a leader capable of directing a downline to duplicate the actions necessary to become successful?

There is no easy answer and there is certainly isn’t a one size fits all answer either.

In a later article we’ll take a look at the pro’s and con’s of some of the more popular internet marketing / network marketing disciplines and see where you might fit in.

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