Satellite Direct – A Review of Satellite Direct

Satellite Direct is a software that allows you to watch tv on your computer screen. The advertised regular price $149.95 but it can be bought for a 70% discount making the price $49.95.

The $49.95 is a one time cost meaning no monthly fees or subscriptions. There is also no hardware to install. If you have a Mac or Windows machine and an internet connection you are good to go. The one exception is the possibility of a cable to connect your laptop or computer to your tv.

For the $49.95 you receive access to over 3500 channels from over 85 countries.

That’s where Satellite Direct comes in. Satellite Direct is a tv show, movie streaming site. If you have a desktop or laptop and an internet connection you are good to go. You may want to get a computer to tv cable to make viewing on tv possible.

Satellite Direct also boasts no bandwidth limits, 24/7 unlimited access and auto channel updates. Three steps is all it takes to be able to watch tv on you computer. First thing to do is register, second is to download the software and third is to watch and enjoy.

Satellite Direct is one of the most popular tv to computer streaming sites available on the net meaning it’s one of the most advertised.

The price is right and being a Clickbank product it does come with a full money back guarantee. Clickbank is very reputable.

Ok, I don’t own this product however I did a lot of review research and here’s what I’ve found. It’s one of those 50/50 kind of things. I found as many likes for Satellite Direct as I did dislikes. Some of the negative comments I’ve found were “not every channel worked” and “picture is ok but it’s not HD”.

So really it’s like most other products for sale, if you’re promised a ton for a small price it’s buyer beware.

Being someone who really really likes tv the concept of this is interesting. I also like the idea of being able to watch other channels from around the globe. And really if I’m promised 3500 plus channels from Satellite Direct and some don’t work I’m probably going to be ok with that.

I’m no electronics expert but I wouldn’t expect this product to be a replacement for my cable. I have no complaints about my cable other than the price. It’s up and running at least 99% of the time and the signal is clear and menu software works just fine. 

To me it’s not really an apples to apples comparison as I don’t believe the technology that drives Satellite Direct and Comcast are the same. But like I said I’m no expert, just someone who likes to watch tv.

So yeah, I think I could have some fun with this, the price isn’t bad and there is the guarantee that’s backed up by Clickbank.

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