Traffic Travis Version 4 Revealed -Caution-

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Traffic Travis Version 4 is offered by Mark Ling and sold through ClickBank. You may have heard about Mark Ling from his other products like AffilioBlueprint, Affiliroma and AffiloJetpak. In fact if you’re not familiar with Affiliorama it would be worth your while to check it out as there is a ton of free info there. You’ll have to give your name and email address but it’s worth it.

Mark Ling is a respected member of the internet marketing community and you may have already guessed is pretty much all about affiliate marketing. Search for his name or any of the listed products and what you’ll find is mostly positive. I can’t think of anyone who gets all positive reviews. So anyhow he seems to be one of the good guys in the internet marketing business.

Ok, on the Traffic Travis. Traffic Travis has been around for some time and version 4 is an update to a previous version. Traffic Travis is a tool that among other things will help you find out why competitors are out-ranking you and help you get an edge on them, uncover mistakes you may be making on your website and tell you how to fix them and help with the task of link building. Keyword research is another big part of the functionality. If you’re not aware of it, the use of proper keywords or phrases plays an important role in your marketing efforts. 

All in all over the years since its creation Traffic Travis had received good reviews and has been well received by the internet marketing community.

However this doesn’t seem to be the case with Traffic Travis version 4. From all the reports I’m getting version 4 seems like it was released to soon. Meaning there are bugs to be worked out and not just a couple but a lot. It seems that version 4 has all the right things that are important to internet marketing they just don’t seem to be working properly.

So what does that really mean. We all or most of us have been exposed to software that has been released to early and has flaws, anyone with a Windows based computer can attest to that. Reading through the forums Mark Ling has been on record stating that the problems showing up hadn’t occurred during the beta testing and I have no reason to doubt that statement. As I said previously Mark is well respected and one of the good guys.

Would I suggest updating to Traffic Travis version 4 or purchasing the product at this time? That depends on your experience in internet marketing and using tools such as this. If your new I’d say no, hold of until the bugs are worked out and then go for it. If you have some experience under your belt and feel adventurous I’d say it’s your call. Experience or not I personally don’t care to buy things that aren’t working, I also don’t like packing my own groceries or using the self scan thingies at the super market either, but that’s just me.

It seems that some who have purchased are asking for refunds and those who are fans of the previous version of Traffic Travis are sticking it out and waiting for the bugs to be fixed.

Either way this is a ClickBank product so you have the 60 money back guarantee option if you choose to do so. And Mark Ling has also stated in the forums that all who have purchased Traffic Travis version 4 will be taken care of.

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